Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tied & knotted ...

Here's the pictures for the tied set of overalls - they were twisted & knotted then held together with some string to keep the knots in position as well as adding some further patterns.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dyed overalls ...

I'm now dying some overalls: several months ago, my decorators overalls (bought back in the 1980s complete with rubber buttons) finally started to look VERY TIRED & worn out! The rubber buttons finally "flew off" & the cuffs have become rather frayed. So I decided to treat myself to some new ones. I hunted everywhere (& on-line) with no luck. Then somebody suggested a local decorating shop (an independent not a superstore) & there they were - but not called 'overalls'. COVERALLS ... white, 100% cotton, with long sleeves, elastic across the back & plenty of pockets. No rubber buttons though! ...... but I treated myself to 2 pairs.

After getting them home, I've given them a pre-boil wash & decided to dye them using a random/tie technique. One pair of the overalls has been tied & knotted ... the other pair went in plain - now just have to wait for result!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Moses Basket update ...

Do you remember the Moses Basket (September 2009 CLICK HERE to remind you ) ? well I've got it again .. not to make covers but just for temporary storage! Whilst it's here, I'll also be using it as a 'teaching aid' - but this time to show in greater detail some of the techniques I used previously. I'll be starting with making a pattern & show how simple it can be ... watch this space over the next few weeks.