Monday, October 12, 2009

EQUIPMENT: Cutting Board ...

I expect you noticed that the background for some of the crib liner photos (see September - October headed as PINS .... Crib Liner) was a gridded cutting board. It's one of my many pieces of equipment bought over 20 years ago and is still always very useful.


It’s basically a large piece of (folded) cardboard that opens out to a full size cutting table. Photo at right shows it folded (size appx. 25cm wide x 1.25m depth) - but it can be opened out 6 times more giving you a max. total size of appx. 1.50m x 1.25m (see centre photo below).

It can be placed on the floor, on top of a bed, over a small table as wel
l as on many other pieces of furniture that initially you are unable to use as a cutting table. It has series of pre-marked notations on it (eg. straight lines, curves, scallops, right-angles, measurements) so can be used for a wide variety of uses - including photography !! It's easily folded up so can be stored away simply plus you don’t have to open it out to full size to use it. I often use it over/across) the ironing board if/when I run out of space (fairly often!). Being cardboard, it's really light to carry and move around AND you can trace through any or all of the notations on to pattern paper.

Opened out full-size, it looks like this: