Friday, April 25, 2014

Mesh for the 'Cell project' (stage 2 contd) ...

A close-up of the previous work shows each of the 'stitching' steps more clearly - it also now acts as ' base' for the mesh-style layers that will be added. I'm not exactly sure how this will now proceed ... choices are now to be made regarding working directly onto the existing work OR to make separate pieces & add them when complete. By working on top & through the existing fabric I run the risk of making the entire piece become flattened BUT by adding pre-stitched sections, the pieces loose the quality of appearing to 'grow out' from the work ..... these decisions not to be made lightly!!!!

In the meantime, I think I'll try making some mesh samples - problem is all my work bits are in the studio & not where I am!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

'Cell self-portrait' (stage 2) ...

An idea for enclosing the 'cell' structure within a mesh now begins - first steps detailed below:

Here's the first part of the 'basic' stitching: the individual pieces are simple straight-stitched in place using a variety of wool & cotton threads. The overlays of the fabric are also 'held' in place.

The next stage is adding some metallic thread 'scraps' to the 'empty outer' sections.

These are then overlayed with some pieces of plastic mesh - encroaching into the central area. Again straight stitch is used to just hold them down.

Some coloured wool now outlines an area as well as beginning to form the outer 'mesh'.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

'Cell self-portrait' (stage 1) ...

I've just finished the initial stitching for 'Self-portrait 1' (if you want to see it's beginnings, follow this link or peek in my artbook). The 'stitch samples' have been added to the basic chiffon & plastic layer (with initial stitches to hold them in place) & the next 'netted-lace' section can be started.

At this point in time, I'm researching some 'lace' tecniques & have come across some type-written notes for "London Lace Week - 1958" (inside one of my books). Of 'fashion' interest, I will soon be uploading it to the 1950s page of the Stitcherydoodaa web-site - so keep eyes peeled!