Sunday, June 15, 2014

Euro Pleats for Ikea Curtain Panels: Step 7 - Sew on Hooks ...

Stitch across upper edge of each pleat as previous instruction - this stitching holds the upper edge in place but allows the lower 'roll' to open/fan out.

When complete, sew on individual hooks, ensuring stitching does not show from the right side. The hook should be positioned as closely as possible to the vertical pleat seam line.

Before hanging, ensure all pleat 'rolls' are open then hang curtains. (At this stage, the hems are finished).

When finally complete, fold each roll & pleat into position across the curtain. "Dress the window"ensuring each pleat/fold lines run evenly & vertically perfect, tying or clipping into position. Leave for several days before removing ties.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Euro Pleats for Ikea Curtain Panels: Step 6 - Prepare pleats ...

Remove all tacking & turn to right side. Create slight roll with pleat.

Push central section of pleat-roll inwards to form 2 smaller pleats.

Ensure these pleats are sitting in the centre of the roll & fold down.

Using a wide zig-zag machine stitch (stitch length 0 ie. sewing on the 'spot'), stitch through all pleat layers close to the upper edge to hold the pleat in place.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Euro Pleats for Ikea Curtain Panels: Step 5 - Slip stitch facing ...

Slip stitching the facing to the lining
Turn the curtain to lining facing you.

The facing will next be stitched to ONLY the lining section of the curtain. Using a fine needle, pick up a few threads of the lining & insert the needle into the folded edge of the facing, sliding it along the fold to emerge appx. 0.5"/1.2cm from where it was inserted. 

Pick up a few threads of the lining & repeat this process across the width of the curtain. The ends of the facing should also be slip-stitching down. Remove all tacking.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Euro Pleats for Ikea Curtain Panels: Step 4 - Stitching pleats ...

Stitching pleats in position
With right side of curtain facing, match first & second pair of pins to create a 'pleat', pin/tack into position. Stitch from upper edge to just below the buckram depth, through all fabric layers. Repeat the process across the width of the curtain - the image above shows the first 2 pleats stitched to hold them in place.

Do not press yet but fold the pleat back to form a soft roll (see image below).

Stitch facing to hold in place
With lining fabric facing, slip stitch the facing lower edge to the lining & side edges to the side seams.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Euro Pleats for Ikea Curtain Panels: Step 3 - Marking the Pleats ...

Fold the facing over the buckram & pin into position. Fold the excess fabric (along the unfinished lower edge) over the buckram to encase it. Fold under the outer side edges & tack into place (see image below).

Euro pleat marking
For spacing of the Euro pleats, the curtain panels & rod were measured to determine the pleat & space allowances (excess fabric is made into the pleats & a space between is left plain).

In this example (see below), 6"/15cm was allowed for each of the 6 pleats; 5"/12.7cm allowed for the space between each pleat; 2.75"/7cm allowed at the side edge. The image below (left to right) shows the first pleat & first space. These measurements are marked across the width of the panel using pins placed vertically.