Saturday, September 28, 2013

Covering an embroidery hoop ...

If you want to handstitch any fabric in a hoop, it should first be covered. It stops the fabric slipping in the frame & ensures the fabric remains taught ... it actually 'grips' the fabric & prevents it slipping on the wood (or plastic) frame. Once done, it lasts for ages & is an easy job to replace if necessary.

I've just had to cover my extra large embroidery hoop (click here if you want to see what I'm using it for) - it didn't take very long & something I've been meaning to do for ages.

If you'd like to know how, here's the instructions:
First cut some bias lengths of fine cotton fabric (appx. 2"/5cm wide) then just wind them tightly around the inner hoop (ie. the one without the screw). Secure the beginning with a pin & when you have covered the entire hoop, remove the pin when you cover it with the fabric, then secure firmly in place with a few stitches.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dots, Crosses & its uses ! ...

Once again I'm using my 'DOT & CROSS' paper (above) - traditionally used by dressmakers to make patterns. Marked with small dots & crosses (every 2.5cm/1") that are used for making straight lines, curves, angles etc., it's also ideal for making patterns for other crafts. I've also used it in the past for making shapes for interior painting (stencils etc) as well as cooking shapes (cakes especially!!) - it's so quick & easy to get the right shape drawn before transferring to either card or thin plastic.

I also use it under clear plastic (as well as fine interfacing) as a guide for tracing other shapes - it saves getting rulers & straight edges out!!

More on my blog about the paper, click here

Friday, September 6, 2013

Samples of experimental techniques ...

I've just completed uploading a selection of samples (click & you can see them too) that I will endeavour to resurrect or expand - many of which have been either tried or tested for future use. By having them now on-line, they will remind me of what I need to experiment with! I haven't had the time in the past to continue with many of them - one of my favourites above is likely to be one of those I develop first.


                   Image at right shows its initial development.