Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wartime fashion & Make Do & Mend !

One of my on-going interests has been 1939/45 Wartime fashion and Make Do & Mend. Reading information from this period often created imagery that I could use within personal projects. (Some more soon to start will be found here: PROJECTS.) Here are some ‘embroideries’ based on the following extract found in ‘Life in Wartime Britain’ by E.R. Chamberlin:

“Groping through the blackout, clutching their gas masks, burrowing into the earth; banned from all public entertainment, registered and documented; exhorted, congratulated and threatened by an ever-increasing flood of official propaganda, the people awaited the opening of the gates of hell.”


When I initially read this, I imagined many ‘faces’ – some found their way into my embroidery – seen here as (left 'The Destroyer of Worlds') a machine/hand embroidered mask with hand-made cords on a mirror base; (right 'Leviathan') canvas work, mixed media, luminous paint mounted on wood; (below 'The Groper') modern goldwork - can be viewed upside down & alters colour & design as viewed at various angles.