Friday, September 18, 2009

Sewing Holdall …

One of my most useful pieces of equipment is a small zipped bag - appx. size 30cm x 20cm (see below left).
Inside it has removable loose-leaf style pages - each one having sets of individual zippered pockets. On the outside is a mesh pocket that holds a small pressing cloth and paper towel - ready for any emergency use! I've had it for many years and use it for holding all my separate small sewing 'gadgets' and accessories ... things like pins, marking tools, guides etc. It's ideal for class demonstrations (its always ready filled) as well as being positioned next to my sewing machine for constant use.

Here's the bag opened out showing assorted packets of different pins as well as a few guides and markers. Besides a tin of general glass-headed pins I have constantly on the work-table, there are many others I periodically use. Fine ones for lace, fine and sheer fabrics - long ones for furnishings or thick fabric - ones with large heads for ease of handling (eg. holding fabric in place when draping over a pre-formed shape) - heavy duty ones for denim and similar fabrics - ones with blunt ends for use with knitting.