Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reversible Kimono ... 2 for price of 1 !

A few months ago (whilst investigating my local shops), I came across some wonderful dyed 100% cotton. Sold as quilting/patchwork fabric, it was very wide & double sided.

One side was random dye blue – pink – purple – grey (below shown main sleeve fabric)

with the reverse side ‘splattered’ with gold metallic dye (below shown main sleeve fabric)

I thought the fabric was ideal for making a simple kimono & initially planned to have the metallic side as the edgings. However whilst cutting it out, the studio lighting (both natural & overhead) on the gold side "altered" the basic colours to shimmer in bronze & pewter as well as making the fabric appear to be lighter & more pink. The fabric was just too nice not to use on both sides and by using French seams, I could make the kimono reversible. Here are the 2 for the price of 1 !!

I've since been back to the shop & bought some more of the fabric - this time in blue-green.