Sunday, June 1, 2014

Euro Pleats for Ikea Curtain Panels: Step 3 - Marking the Pleats ...

Fold the facing over the buckram & pin into position. Fold the excess fabric (along the unfinished lower edge) over the buckram to encase it. Fold under the outer side edges & tack into place (see image below).

Euro pleat marking
For spacing of the Euro pleats, the curtain panels & rod were measured to determine the pleat & space allowances (excess fabric is made into the pleats & a space between is left plain).

In this example (see below), 6"/15cm was allowed for each of the 6 pleats; 5"/12.7cm allowed for the space between each pleat; 2.75"/7cm allowed at the side edge. The image below (left to right) shows the first pleat & first space. These measurements are marked across the width of the panel using pins placed vertically.

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