Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wedding dress: stage 2 - making demi-toile ...

NOTE: Full details for making the entire dress & each of its various parts can now be found here & sequentially altogether:

 please click Black wedding dress ...

... the following ones are just a brief outline:

The initial bodice toile was been taken apart to create a pattern (shown above - cut in canvas) for cutting all the dress as well as being used to make a boned bodice for the dress.

Initially with the shapes longer & cut in poly-cotton, they created a floor length dress that I have termed a ‘demi-toile'. This became a ‘multi-purpose’ garment used as a full-length 'sample' to obtain general & final finished lengths & was able to confirm how the dress would be assembled & made. As the bride’s body measurements were changing, I had to ensure the garment’s size remains ‘current’ at each fitting stage whilst making & stitching as much as possible early on, leaving only minor changes & finishings til the last moment.

After this, the demi-toile will become an interlining for the final dress & be used as a support layer for a boned bodice & more visible net layers.

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