Friday, May 17, 2013

Curtain panels - heading & eyelets ...

I've been out & about looking at curtain headings for the IKEA panels. I want to retain as much of the view from the windows without having masses of fabric pleated up. The pole they are to hang on has rings attached & I want to loose the IKEA style of loops. I'd like to have a 'wave-style heading' hanging from the rings but don't want to interfere too much with the panel design (see above pix) & not have it too much pleated up. It's likely (after looking around at available tapes on the market) I'll just be using an iron-on buckram with some sort of small looping method to hold the the curtain hooks. As this early development stage I'm venturing into the studio tomorrow to rummage through my bits & pieces to see if I got something suitable 'in my store'! If not, back to the 'drawing board'.

I'm also going to be making some other curtains - with eyelets on the headings. I've decided not to use the suggested tape (Rufflette) as the pre-cut holes were not in the places I wanted them to be - the eyelets are just fine. The alternative I've chosen is to use an iron-on buckram (for stiffening the upper edge) then cut the holes individually where required.

Keep a watch here to find out more as I progress.

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