Monday, May 13, 2013

IKEA Curtain Panels + Tie dye Blouses

Above shows one of my new curtain panels I've just bought as I'm now in the first stages of making some curtains for the lounge .... 2 lots of large picture windows, one being high ceiling to floor & requiring at least 2 widths per curtain (in total 4 very large curtains & appx. 20m fabric). Having looked at several stores, those I sort-of liked were nearing £50 per metre but still not quite what I wanted. Unable to find something 'airy & exciting' by the metre, I started looking at ready-mades but here most didn't give the length needed & again I couldn't find anything really suitable. Anyway, I finally came across some ready-made curtains in IKEA - exactly the sort of design I had in mind - somewhat transparent & sort of 50/60s design. Pricewise there was nothing to compete with them - I was able to buy 8 finished curtains for just over the price I'd been looking at per metre! And for almost another metre price, I could buy some linings (ready-made) too!

My first job is to re-cut the tops to pattern-match the design across all 8 curtains. I've inherited heavy-duty metal poles & rings so they'll also need some new heading tapes & hooks - this I've got to buy first. With this in mind, I'm considering keeping the panels separate on the pole - mainly for practical purposes for cleaning but also for a visual one when using the patio doors. However, this will depend on the heading tape I get but if I do end up joining them together, the next job will be to unpick one side seam to joining into double width panels ready for final finishing. (Watch this space for an update in due course).

My leg is better - now walkable but still not as it was ... medical advice "knee cartilage injury just takes time" What else is there to say !! Anyway over the past few weeks I've been stitching an order for several blouses PLUS a patchwork waistcoat using some lovely cotton tie dyed fabric (latter item currently in early stages of planning - pix of all these to follow when waistcoat completed).

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