Friday, October 16, 2009

Tapestry Idea …

Having just mentioned about finding the frame (see yesterday's entry), it's first a good idea to show you what I shall be using for the bag's fabric inner and its outer.

When I first started using the computer for design, I just played around getting to grips with the software. Digital cameras weren't around, so the best (and quickest) way of transferring imagery into your hand was by use of an 'old-fashioned non-digital camera'. As I started to 'play' in the software and manipulate shapes etc, I found myself constantly camera-clicking - quickly gathering photos as reference for design ideas.

And it was one of these photos (see left) which was then used as a reference to start a small canvas stitching sample ... to use up a selection of left-over yarns for a stitching demonstration. Next, having made that initial start, I decided to continue with it and re-create the entire photo in stitching and use up a huge quantity of odds and ends of knitting,
sewing and embroidery yarns. And so it grew ... and grew and became a much larger panel - almost as wide as the full width of the canvas!

And here it is finished (right) together with a partial (lower inset) section.

It is this tapestry that will now be used for the main section of the outer bag. The inner lining is to be made from one of those pieces of fabric that you come across in your store and wonder "why did I buy that?" ... with the answer "to finish this ... !"