Friday, October 30, 2009

Tapestry Frames Bag + Machine Embroidery (contd) ...

The machine embroidery is taking a while to complete - as it normally does! The effect is just what I wanted and whilst working, I'm trying to decide whether to complete the final stitchery in metallic or black thread. I'm slightly biased towards the black thread as the metallic will probably be unpractical when completed as it can easily get caught - however it may unify the metallic areas. On the other hand, a black thread will unify all the colours better as well as suitable match for additional outer fabric (I think I have a large remnant of black drill which would be ideal).

I'm also considering using my couching machine - haven't used it for ages but it would add quite an unusual texture. It will also use up a variety of thick threads/yarns etc - but again it may result in a 'catching' type surface. As a secondary idea, I might use one of my sewing feet that couches fine yarn - this would possibly provide a more uniform stitch/line compared to the couching machine. Food for thoughts whilst I continue with this part of the stitching!

(Unfortunately I don't think I have any spare or surplus test samples to trial on - will have to investigate this further and have a dig-around in some of my boxes!)