Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Frames Bag - Initial Ideas

Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about the frames tapestry idea (mentioned last week) - here are some initial thoughts, possibly for a bag:
  • It will be something along the lines of the Carry-bag that was made to hold the 'Make-Do-and-Mend Embroidered Book’
  • One issue that must be met is that the bag should be capable of holding a wide variety of larger frame sizes … so very likely to have panel(s) that can be removed. First thought on this were use of Velcro fastenings but these can be difficult to sew and, in layers, can be quite thickand create further 'bulk'. On further consideration, I’m thinking of using a series of zips – possibly open-ended.
  • The bag is needed for carrying and holding frames plus if/when transported, it should also add a degree of protection to any tapestry on the frame(s). For this reason, and to add further textural interest to the stitched panel, I've decided to quilt the stitched panel.
  • A further problem that must be given consideration, is the durability of the tapestry panel. Being made with the odd/wide variety of yarns and stitches, the finished canvas is not particularly hard-wearing. I've already noticed a couple of stitches whose threads have broken/split since it was made a couple of years ago. It's possible this will develop into a greater problem once the bag is in use. So, following this with my earlier thought of quilting, I’m going to machine-quilt the panel. However, this cannot be completed directly on the stitched canvas as many stitches are long ones and could get caught under the quilting foot. Also, much of the canvas could become visible once quilted so I have decided to use a fine/transparent covering over the top of the tapestry to hold yarns in place. Initial tests ‘in the hand’ are being done and ...
... it's complete to its next level !