Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Black Cushions revived ...

Some original decorative 18"/45cm square cushions made a few years ago have now been re-vampled into 12"/30cm ones to be used for back cushions (see more details here). Here's some close-ups of the techniques & fabrics originally used in their making. Since I wanted the cushions to be purely decorative, I combined both dressmaking & furnishing fabrics & haberdashery. Both cushions have a thick, heavy tassel furnishing braid, edge-stitched on after completing the cushion - the weight of this trim holds the cushion firmly in place on the chair as well as helping to co-ordinate the overall decor.

Below is a black furnishing moiré with metallic braid zig-zagged down to create a false flap. The button has been made using some of the patterned velvet to cover a plastic dressmakers covering button.

This next image shows the dressmaker's velvets (one plain, the other metallic stitched) seamed with a metallic polyester in the joining seam.

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