Monday, June 3, 2013

Random & mosaic patchwork samples ...

While I was pinning & tacking the patchwork waistcoat, my thoughts led to one of my projects. Discussing in my mind (with myself!) what stitching to use for the patchwork (whether hand or machine), I began to wander on to mosaics & machine embroidery. Having a few small scraps to hand (while cutting the waistcoat), I thought after tacking, I would have a break & make a machine embroidery sample ... with my mosaic theme. So here's the initial machine embroidered samples for my mosaic project (if you want to see the beginnings of this project in more detail, visit here - Project:Mosiac).

First I snipped & neatened the small scraps, pinning them randomly onto some sew-in interfacing (for stability).

I then straight stitched them quickly into place using white thread.

After this, I proceed with the same straight stitching, alternating dark & light threads (actually oddments that had to be used up!) Around 6 colors were chosen that were similar to those in the fabric. Randomly stitching in a sort of floral/leaf design & vaguely following the colours/patterns of the fabric.

This is the finished sample - the texture is rather nice & appears 'bubbly' (a result of the fine fabric, the interfacing & the stitching technique. The patterns & shapes created, generally what I was hoping for.

Overall, the sample matches to what was (at this stage) in my head - the sample will now hang up  awaiting the next development - possibly when the waistcoats next continue!

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