Thursday, June 13, 2013

Patchwork & Embroidered Waistcoat: Step 3 - Preparing waistcoat panels ...

Yesterday I prepared the patchwork waistcoat panels for their stitching. As I won't yet be cutting the waistcoat shapes, I've left the patched pieces over-sized because:
  • they may slight shrink after all embroidery is complete
  • waistcoat sizing has yet to be finalised. The customer has recently lost weight (which may be temporary) & a fitting is not yet possible.
Laying the patchwork panels on my cutting board, it was a quick & easy job to trace off, then tack-outline the pattern piece outlines. The stitching/embroidery can now be started & completed while the plain fabric panels can be stitched together & used for a fitting. (I'm just finishing this stage & will show these pix next).
I finally decided (mainly because of the patchwork piece sizes used AND the customer's preferences) that delicate machine embroidery (feather & cross stitch) would be best suited for the stitching. Using some of the blue pieces, at first I thought a navy thread would work but a white one looked better - it was more prominent & helped to link the 'airy' theme of the fabrics being used. I finished the sample, posted it to the customer & then remembered that I hadn't taken a picture !! Earlier today I heard the sample's OK so I can now begin working on the back (I'll try to remember pix & put them up on the studio blog as I progress!!! For the fronts (in pink/lavender fabric), I'll likely use the white thread again although I'll try a sample first.

Anyway, the first photos of the waistcoat (left) & the pattern outlining yesterday, reminded me of the amount of use I get from my cutting board. It's great when it's on a tabletop & you need to quickly fold your work away + it's really handy as a 'background' as you can see from previous blog images below. If you want to read more about it, click here: cutting board.

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