Friday, August 16, 2013

Humpty is Covered then Tucked ...


NOTE: Measurements are finished sizes - add seam allowances.

Sewing information:
  1. Above image shows the central panel of the main cover which is basically a 26" square 'bag' with an inset (13" square) in the centre.
  2. The 'bag' is made up of 2 x 26" square panels - one having the central panel stitched into it.
  3. The 'bag' is stitched along 3 sides - the last one having 2 zips inserted (to close to the centre).
  4. When complete, the base is put inside the bag and zipped up.
A fabric base is also needed to assist in helping 'shape' the Humpty - this is 13" square, made from 2 pieces of fabric & bagged out.


Above right is one of the side panels - left is a close-up of the stitching.

Sewing information:
  1. Fabric was cut to size (larger than finished to allow for tuck shrinkage) and backed with a woven interfacing.
  2. A border was first stitched along the upper & lower edges of fabric. This was later used for the eyelets & after this edge had been folded to the inside. (Further stitching was completed only as far as this stitching line.)
  3. The panel was then stitched with a series of horizontal tucks (ie. across the width of the fabric) - the central panel shows this remaining section after directional stitching has been completed. These tucks were pressed in one direction.
  4. Directional stitching was next completed vertically across the panel - first in one direction, then the other (visible as 'herringbone' tucks).
  5. Shorter side edges were folded over & stitched to the inside (later used to thread cord through) - the longer edges had eyelets (used for looping a cord to the rings).
  6. Finished size for this Humpty is 18" x 8.5"

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