Saturday, August 10, 2013

Making a Humpty !

Here's the start of sewing information for making a Humpty (an alternative name for a Pouffe) - actually I'm repairing my old one I made a few years ago & repairing/cleaning it. If you want to see where I'm at so far click here.

Here's the main 'inner' Humpty:

Basically it's a seat (pouffe) & I made mine a few years ago using an authentic 'Humpty' pattern from around 1930. Adapted somewhat, I made it with a detachable cover (for cleaning or replacement) & was able to use 20 lbs. of scrap clothes, fabric etc to fill it with! (a great way to recycle).

If you want to make one too, the basic pattern's below - sizes & sewing instructions can be found under 'Humpty' if you, click here

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