Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Humpty Stitching ...

Here is the reverse side of the central panel, backed with fine nylon net curtain for ease of stitching. The smaller stitches are those used for the initial 'smaller' smocked lines - the large stitches are those of the second smocking (ie the fatter of the rows (see image below).

If you want to know more about transfers & their use, click here.

This shows the 2 sets of smocking lines as well as the black machine stitching rows that hold the embroidered mats in place. Also visible are the various crochet edges of some mats as well as some original 1940s embroidery.

The final outer 'bag' is now on the Humpty, all missing rings replaced. It's now ready for the outer panels & base to be laced on.

As an alternative at this stage, the corner 'ears' could just be left or tied with a cord as per the original 1930's Humpty instructions (specific books mentioned can be found in Bibliography here).

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