Saturday, May 30, 2009

Machine Embroidered book – Carry-bag …

For storage and display purposes after the book was completed, a large portfolio style carry-bag was made. It was slightly larger than the book (appx. 60cm x 40cm) and was worked on cotton ticking – in keeping with the theme of wartime fabric. The bag was lined, padded, had a zip opening to 3 sides and had handles made from rug tape.

From original photos and films of the period, St. Paul’s Cathedral came to be recognised as a central monument for wartime London. Its image was selected for the first pages of the embroidered book (see below) and was again used for the the bag. However, this time it would represent London being ‘in pieces’ after the Blitz and how it was rebuilt - depicted by a variety of sewing machine ‘utility’ stitches worked on patchwork-style ticking panels.