Friday, May 8, 2009

INSPIRATION: Twinkling Raindrops ...

I often use my camera to act like a 'reminder' of something instead of making notes - it's often quicker & easier. If time is limited, resulting imagery can be taken a stage further at a later date or (as in this instance), a 'chance image' can immediately show a desired effect. Here, both photos were taken using one of the camera’s auto features - the shot left without it & right, with the facility switched on.

Several years ago, I'd bought a new camera & was getting used to using it - many auto features I hadn't come across before. Out for the day, I found myself sitting in a car in the pouring rain next to a tree & not having much to do, I decided to read the camera instructions. I wondered what would happen if I photographed raindrops on the window & used one of the novelty special effect features ... twinkling raindrops! This photo has now become a reference for stitching raindrops as well as future development for lacemaking & crochet.