Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Machine Embroidered Book …

Several years ago, I researched ‘Make-Do-and-Mend’ from WW II & it included reading many official and factual books. The conclusion of  that research was the making of an oversized (appx. 60cm x 40cm) and machine embroidered (rag-style) book. Samples of a variety of needle-craft techniques from the period were included and depicted in a manner more familiar today.

Here is my book:

I am showing it over the next few days together with brief descriptions for each set of pages.

The image (above right), shows the front of the book and represents London during the Blitz. It is worked in a variety of machine stitchings using mainly metal thread. The black/red central panel is raised and depicts the bombed and burning London buildings or metalwork. The outer coloured 'stitched hatching' is a quilted layer representing radial beams of tracer lights and bombing patterns visible during the night raids (better shown on the book's reverse - above left).