Thursday, May 28, 2009

Machine Embroidered book – Pages 12-13 …

These 2 pages concentrate on the use of yarn or thread.

The first of these pages shows some examples for different thicknesses. The upper example shows creating a new fabric by weaving on net; the central example decoratively stitching on a plain knitted fabric and the third example shows a yarn being used in a different manner – the example of rug wool used to make some shoes.

The second of these pages shows some knitting samples of the period – typical stitch patterns and colours of those suggested items of clothing. Swatches of patterns were knitted using yarns and colours as close to those as recommended within the original instructions.

Again on this page, I continued with the theme of a photo album to display the samples with machine embroidery used to ‘write’ notes (eg. bright colours were cheerful
) and secure swatches and photocopies of patterns.