Friday, October 18, 2013

Curtains with Eyelet Rings (Step 3) ...

Today, I've just finished the first pair of curtains but run out of the Rufflette rings so need to get some more to finish all pairs. (As the room is being decorated, I won't yet be able to photograph them in situ.) The first job to do was open/split the rings into their 2 halves (rings at right in image). There is a small indent on one side of the joined rings that is used to open up the pair with (I found a letter opener easier & safer than the recommended screwdriver!). The next job was to stitch around each of the marked holes on the curtain. I found this easier by pinning with 3 pins around the hole (as I worked) to ensure all layers remained in place while stitching (essential when working with a slippery fabric). So ... continuing on from yesterday ... 

... After marking the holes, all layers of the fabric need to be stitched together. This holds the area in place when cutting out the hole & ensures it remains in position while the ring is being attached. (In reality, it's much easier to cut out the hole when all layers are held in place with stitching.) 

You can stitch ordinarily with the machine using a small straight stitch but I decided to have the machine set up for machine embroidery/free stitching. It allows the hole to be more easily stitched & ideal to 'get you in the mood' for more machine embroidery! As the hole is only being stitched for stability & easier cutting, a perfect circle is not necessary (as seen in the photo).

The eyelet rings are made up of 2 sections (see above image). The one with small spikes on the inside is the first one used (the spikes lightly 'pierce' the fabric to hold it in position). On an even & firm surface, place the fabric (wrong side facing) over the ring so that the spikes are next to the main fabric and underneath.

Here's the first ring in place with the hole sitting firmly around the ring's inner edge. Press down on the fabric so that it sits snugly into the ring.

With the remaining ring half (the one with inner grooves), position it over the previous ring (grooves to the inside & facing the wrong side of the curtain).

(It should now be looking similar to the image below.)

Remain working on a firm & flat surface, carefully press down on this upper ring & it should snap down firmly in place.

(It's tempting to 'work in the hand' but I found it much easier & quicker to work flat on the table).

Repeat the process for all rings across the width of the curtain (any mistakes or puckering, remove the ring from the wrong side as per original 'splitting them in half' & start again in attaching it).

SPECIAL NOTE: Overall I was very impressed with using these Eyelet rings & would recommend their use. Although the packaging states for light to heavier weight curtains, I would suggest that a test is completed on thicker fabric to verify/confirm that the fabric is securely attached into the ring.

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