Thursday, October 31, 2013

Patchwork & Embroidered Waistcoat: Step 9 (contd) - Joining together ...

Today I've just finished joining the 2 patchworked waistcoats together along the lower edges. The first stage was to sew each continuous side seam through both waistcoats. To do this, match respective side seams together, pinning from above the side slit marker of one side seam, through across the underarm seam to the side slit marker at the other end of the side seam (ie. through the 2 separate waistcoat sections as a continuous seam). This is then repeated for the other side seam (at this point it's a good idea to check the correct seams have been stitched together & that the waistcoat is now one unit joined at the sides & is reversible.)

After this, each side seam is stitched. Clip side marker position to seamline, then press seams open above clip. The next stage is to stitch each of the 4 slits separately - match right sides together & pin together. Stitch from hem to slit marker (as per image left) to side seam position (the blue pin head shows the position of this).

Trim seam & corners & turn to right side - pin in position & press in place. The hemlines are then stitched (from the inside) across each panel, trimmed turned & also pressed.

The final stage is to complete the top-stitching around neck, hems, slits & armholes & add the fastenings. However as I need to speak to the customer to verify button colours etc, I am unable to complete this stage today.

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