Thursday, October 17, 2013

Curtains with Eyelet Rings (Step 2) ...

This morning I'm on to the next step - preparing the fabric for the rings.

After pressing the seam as well as the interfacings together (all on the wrong side of the curtain), the curtains were turned & given a final press along the upper edge.

Image shows right & wrong sides.

Here are the Rufflette Jupiter rings - at left is the entire ring (right side facing) - at right the ring split into its 2 sections. The one with 'spikes' fits to the main fabric on the front; the other ridged one to the back, against the lining.

Here's the old curtains with rings slightly larger than mine. On checking the size (in relation to the new ones), they appeared to have an ideal 'hole' size for the new ones + the curtains are exactly the same width as mine. If the hole was the right size, I would be able to trace their outlines straight on to the new pair.

To test: The hole is traced over onto a sample fabric & interfacing swatch. The hole is stitched around (just to the outer edge) & then cut away. After tryibng the new ring, it fitted perfectly.

The old curtain is positioned on top of the new one (right side of old facing wrong side of new one).

Ensuring edges are matching, carefully draw around the inner circles across the width of the curtain.

(Circle outlines just visible in image at right.)

The next step of fitting the rings can only be completed when the stitching is finished & the holes have been cut away (as per sample above).

That's my next job .......... I'll be using the machine set up for darning/free machine work as it's easy & quick to do PLUS the machine will then be set up for me to get some initial samples underway for my creative 'cell' project (click if you want to know more about this stitching).

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